Star Shoutout

At Star Shoutout, our name speaks for itself. We’ve built the first influencer-led platform that bridges the gap between social influence, super fans, and charity. Star Shoutout gives well-known individuals we call “Stars” and their “super fans” (you) a way to connect and receive meaningful personal fan engagement experiences.

We believe personal fan engagement through traditional social media is broken. Big Social platforms earn revenue through pay-per-click and keyword advertising. This type of payment model extracts value from high volume, low-touch visitors because it favors the volume of visits, not the quality of the experience, which often leads to fake accounts, cyber mobbing, trolling, and lots of meaningless noise and chatter with almost zero incentive for personal fan engagement between Stars and Fans.

Our game-changing platform is big business and disruptive. We flip the value proposition around by giving fans and stars what they want most – a better experience. 

Our commitment is to bring value to fans and Stars worldwide while creating awareness and funding for high-impact causes, therefore from every sale, we donate up to 5% of our platform fees to a charity or cause selected by our Stars providing more visibility and support for regional and local charities.

Take a break from the chatter and noise of big social media. If you’re a “Star”, we invite you to join our “Star Cast” this year as we are now seeking out well-known athletes, musicians, Youtubers, podcasters, business leaders, celebrities, and others with a following who want a private, safe platform for personal fan engagement. If you are a fan, get close and personal with your favorite Star and grab your star shoutout today.